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Dan Semenoff is from Saskatoon, Sk. Canada and he started his life career as a Professional Photographer in industrial, architectural, commercial photography and lighting skills Dan was later offered a film position with CTV television as a film/Video cameraman and editor, years later CBC Television opened a new plant in Regina, Sk. Dan was offered a full time editors position, working with CTV and CBC lasted over 13 years. Through the years Dan also shot video and still pictures for different tourist destinations such as Antigua, Barbuda, Montserrat, New Zealand, Fiji, Morrea Tahiti and Mexico including the Yucatan Peninsula. He also studied computer graphics and graphic animations at the now Thompson Rivers University in British Columbia. Dan later moved back to Saskatoon to start a video production company that lasted over 14 years doing corporate video productions that again took him across Canada. Times were changing and Dan’s father died which meant it was time to stay home and look after his mother, he slowly retired his business and took stock in what he had done over the years, that’s where the book of poems and lines came into the light, after five years of retirement Dan took on more physically challenging jobs as a building maintenance man first with Peterbilt Trucks then Kenworth Custom Trucks in Saskatoon. Again the work on the book started to come up to the surface, and now today it has come into being.